Aimee S.

Tour Guide at Brandeis University

Class of 2022

Hometown: Victoria, Australia

Major: Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

Secondary Major: International Global Studies

My favorite place on campus, in Waltham or in Boston is...

My favourite place on campus is the SCC Atrium. It is home to Einsteins bagels and has great places to study in a quiet environment!

My favorite Brandeis class/professor is...

My favorite Brandeis Professor is Jonathan Sarna. I absolutely loved his class focusing on American Judaism and his teaching style is incredibly personable and conversation led. Also, when I went to speak to him during his office hours, he gave me so much inspiration and insight into the Jewish education world.

My favorite activity outside of class is...

I absolutely love going Chabad Club and Meals. It is definitely the highlight of my week as it is field with so much joy, fun and excitement. It is such an amazing way to end the week!

I chose Brandeis because...

I chose Brandeis because of its close knit and friendly community with a rich Jewish history. I knew years ago that I wanted to attend Brandeis, and it is everything I wanted and more through its academic opportunities and social connections!

I'm passionate about...

Jewish Life working with children and volunteering my time to help others Sport

I'm involved with...

Waltham Group Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority Chabad
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