Thomas P.

Tour Guide at Brandeis University


Class of 2023

Hometown: Worcester, MA

Major: Politics

Concentration: International Relations

Secondary Major: Philosophy

Minor: Economics

My favorite Brandeis tradition is...

The Midnight Buffet (aka MidBuff) because the night before finals as everyone is beginning to put their heads down and study the student union provides a ton of catered food at midnight to celebrate the nearing end of the semester which is relaxing and a great way to get needed study calories in!

My favorite place on campus, in Waltham or in Boston is...

I would have to say it is the top floor of the science building. It has a beautiful view of the rolling Massachusetts hills and has the perfect angle to watch the sunset. So if you are studying there to avoid being in the library or your dorm or just trying to relax and get some light work done, it is the most beautiful place to do so.

My most memorable Brandeis experience?

Oddly enough, the memory that came mind after reading this question was Kindness Day. It was almost alarming how nice and generous everyone was, people were throwing candy and giving out doughnuts! It was wild but certainly a day I remember very vividly, perhaps because of the candy and doughnut provoked stomach ache.

My favorite activity outside of class is...

Truthfully, it is not a club or activity in the traditional sense. Despite the fact that I am involved all around campus from being the captain of the Rugby team to playing on the club tennis team to doing community service or writing for one of our newspapers (The Hoot) I find the most enjoyable thing to do outside of class is go for walks. Everyone on campus is unbelievably nice and all of my friends will go for long walks exploring campus and talking. In those moments I have had some of my most fond memories made.

I'm passionate about...

Hanging with Friends Trivia Night Soccer Listening to Music

I'm involved with...

School Newspaper Admissions Ambassador Brandeis Democrats Big Brothers Big Sisters Men's Rugby Tennis
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