Amber C.

Tour Guide at Brandeis University


Class of 2021

Hometown: Needham, MA

Major: Sociology

Minor: Theater

My favorite activity outside of class is...

my acapella group. I'm in Company B, a co-ed group that sings all songs 25 years old and older, so we're the "oldies" group, but some of our songs were released in the early 90s now. I'm one of our music directors now, and I'm so grateful for the experience to further my music knowledge, being able to arrange music and learning more about music theory. It's also brought me some of my best friends on campus. As we aren't on campus right now, once a week we still host a group call together to check in and stay connected. I love my Co-Bs!

My favorite place on campus, in Waltham or in Boston is...

All about food and friends. Prime Deli and Joseph's Two are the places in Waltham I eat most frequently with my friends, and on campus it would be The Stein. I have a lot of great memories of packing too many people around small diner tables or grabbing takeout with a couple friends before running to rehearsal. Another favorite on campus spot is the green room in the Campus Center Theater is my favorite place. I've been apart of 10 shows so far from acting to directing, and I've performed in that space many times. There are a lot of little pieces from past shows in the green room, which, if you decide to do theater at Brandeis, I recommend exploring. Plus, it's a nice, quiet space where I know I'll know most of the people who come in to join me.

My favorite Brandeis class/professor is...

Michael Strand. I took Introduction to Sociological Theory with Professor Strand my first semester at Brandeis and I believe it is the reason that I became a Sociology major. He has a way of getting his students engaged and excited with the material with humor and always connecting the course with current events. While reading Marx, Durkheim, or Foucault, we were discussing the concepts in relation to higher education, a large company's ad campaign, or even Oprah, and Strand added reading material to reflect that.

I chose Brandeis because...

I could tell that the people here were who I wanted to surround myself with for these 4 years. I've made the best friends of my life here, and not just because people are open and friendly. Brandeis students are so passionate about what they're studying or the activities that they're involved in or whatever else, and it is truly amazing to be able to have really engaging conversations about those topics with people. I am surrounded by intelligent, creative peers, but without feeling like I need to compete with them. When I was deciding where to go to college, I talked with current Brandeis students, tour guides, and other prospective students, and getting to know them ended up making my decision for me.

I'm passionate about...

visual art Creative writing Social Justice Social Work

I'm involved with...

Undergraduate Theater Collective student research Acapella Theater acapella group
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