Abigail G.

Tour Guide at Brandeis University


Class of 2021

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Major: Biology

Secondary Major: Chemical Biology

I chose Brandeis because...

Of the sense of community I felt when visiting campus and talking to the students. I went to a small K-12 school and had never had a new student experience, and when I toured Brandeis back in high school, I knew that I would be able to make new friends and pursue by passions.

My most memorable Brandeis experience?

Being in the 24-hour musical my first year. It was Seussical! I had heard about 24-hr before coming to Brandeis and I was super excited for it since I had been involved in theater back in high school. It was a crazy and memorable experience. I only knew a few people involved in the show going into it, and I met a bunch of new people during the process. Many of the people I met during 24-hr are some of my closest friends today!

My favorite Brandeis class/professor is...

Biology 16 (Evolution and Biodiversity) with Professor Morris! The class was at 9 am and it was a great class to have first thing in the morning. One of the most interesting topics we learn about was the history of life on Earth. We discussed the different eons, eras, period, and epochs as well as key events and when they happened. I recently took another class taught by Prof. Morris, Biology 43 (Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy), and some of the material I learned in Bio 16 is being revisited and explained in the context of anatomy!

My favorite place on campus, in Waltham or in Boston is...

I love Lizzy's Ice cream on Moody St.

I'm passionate about...

Chicago Cubs Chemistry Biology Music Theater

I'm involved with...

Admissions Ambassador Research in the Pochapsky Lab Undergraduate Theater Collective
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