Liddy G.

Team Member at Brandeis University


Class of 2023

Hometown: West Chester, PA

Major: International and Global Studies

Secondary Major: Environmental Studies

My favorite activity outside of class is...

Participating in Brandeis Banshee, which is the women’s ultimate frisbee team. Before coming to Brandeis, I had never played ultimate frisbee before; however, the frisbee community at Brandeis is extremely active, engaging, and welcoming. Not only have I made wonderful friends through my participation with the team, but I have also grown to love the sport of ultimate frisbee.

I chose Brandeis because...

The motivation towards social justice, activism, and betterment of the world that is shared by the Brandeis community is truly inspiring. I am constantly amazed by the actions and interests of my fellow Brandeis classmates as well as the curiosity and open-mindedness that is shared amongst the community.

My favorite place on campus, in Waltham or in Boston is...

Fenway Park. Although I love the Philadelphia Phillies dearly, nothing quite beats the experience and excitement of watching a Red Sox game at the oldest baseball stadium in the United States. For me, Fenway Park perfectly represents the convergence between the modern and the historical character found within Boston.

My most memorable Brandeis experience?

Within my first three weeks as a student at Brandeis, my friends and I attended the Boston Climate Strike in Boston’s Government Center. Brandeis provided buses to the event location as well as hosted sign painting nights in preparation for the protest. It was incredible to witness the drive for change and activism that is shared among the Brandeis community, especially by Professor von Mering, who wore a polar bear costume for the entire week leading up to the protest in hopes of motivating students to promote climate activism.

I'm passionate about...

Cooking Environmental Sustainablity Rock Climbing Hiking/Backpacking Traveling

I'm involved with...

Brandeis Rock Climbing Team Prevention Advocacy and Resource Center (PARC) Brandeis Mountain Club Brandeis Women's Ultimate Frisbee
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