Nadia R.

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Class of 2023

Hometown: Penn Valley, PA

Major: Psychology

Secondary Major: International and Global Studies

Minor: Economics

My favorite activity outside of class is...

My favorite activity outside of class is SPECTRUM, which is a part of Waltham Group. With SPECTRUM, Brandeis students builds relationships between families and children with disabilities through a social group or one-on-one tutoring and mentoring. I do one-on-one tutoring, which I really enjoy, because not only do I get to teach and help someone learn a particular subject, but I am really building a strong relationship with them!

I chose Brandeis because...

There were many reasons why I chose Brandies, but the main reason is that Brandeis really values the importance of intellectual and personal growth through interdisciplinary study. When I was looking at schools and read that Brandies had "core requirements," I was not very intrigued, because of the connotation of "core requirements," but once I read about what these requirements were, I realized that these "requirements" really allow me to take classes that may not seem to have to do with exactly what I plan to major in, such as the "History of Graffiti." I think is important, because it helped open my mind up to new areas of study both at Brandeis and on my own!

My favorite place on campus, in Waltham or in Boston is...

My favorite place on campus is probably the Shapiro Campus Center. I always find myself here grabbing a coffee from Einstein's, catching up with friends, or getting work done on the second floor where there are a couple of tables that look down into the Atrium. If I am looking for somewhere to get work done that is a little more peaceful, I like going to the International Business School, which is sort of tucked away, making it a place that does not have as much "traffic," which is nice when you really need to get something done.

My favorite Brandeis class/professor is...

My favorite class has been Writing on the Wall: Histories of Graffiti in the Americas, because the class covers points in history and themes I have never really learned too much about. I also really like how Professor Gregory Childs gives us different ways to learn and interact with all of the information; for example, through readings, lectures, movies, discussions, and sketchbook work, where we get to practice our graffiti writing and style. Another professor and class I really enjoy is Introduction to Microeconomics taught by Professor Nelson Sá. While the information we are learning can be a bit tricky at times, Professor Sá does a really good job at explaining the concepts, keeping us engaged during the lectures and excited about the class through asking us questions, using real life examples, having very open office hours, and bringing such a positive energy to class.

I'm passionate about...

Social Justice Cooking Current Events/Politics Listening to Music Community Service Traveling Working with Kids

I'm involved with...

CHAARG Prospect Hill Kids Club Spectrum Waltham Group
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