Olivia S.

Tour Guide at Brandeis University

Class of 2021

Hometown: Falmouth, ME

Major: English

Minor: Creative Writing, Education Studies

My favorite place on campus, in Waltham or in Boston is...

the third floor of the Mandel Humanities Center! There's a rooftop garden that has seating and Wifi; it's my favorite homework spot when the weather is warm.

My favorite activity outside of class is...

volunteering with Waltham Group! I am a coordinator for Companions to Elders, one of the 19 volunteer groups under the WG umbrella. I have spent the past two years visiting an older resident of Waltham weekly, so she's basically become a grandmother to me! I am super excited to be the incoming president of Waltham Group next year.

My most memorable Brandeis experience?

This is silly, but I think my favorite Brandeis moments are the walks my roommate and I have between the dining hall and our dorm at the end of the day. She and I both transferred to Brandeis and were randomly paired as roommates at the beginning of our sophomore year. We've been best friends since and have lived/are living together for all three years we have at Brandeis. Walking together is really just an excuse for us to goof off on our way back to our rooms, but it always improves my day by a landslide.

My favorite Brandeis tradition is...

Not really a tradition, but I've felt so welcomed by the Jewish community at Brandeis. I'm not Jewish myself, but my Jewish friends have invited me to Shabbat, Passover, and Purim events. I even went to my friend's family's Rosh Hashanah gathering during a long weekend in the fall!

I'm passionate about...

Reading Camping Cooking and Baking Community Engagement

I'm involved with...

Rock Climbing Waltham Group Companions to Elders
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