Sylvia D.

Tour Guide at Brandeis University


Class of 2026

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Major: Film, Television and Interactive Media

Concentration: Humanities and Creative Arts

Secondary Major: Psychology

Minor: Creative Writing

My favorite Brandeis class/professor is...

I would have to say my favorite Brandeis class I have had has been my first year university writing seminar aka UWS. In each first year's UWS the students learn how to write at a college level. I loved my UWS professor and learned invaluable knowledge in her class. My peers in the class also made the experience incredible. I learned so much from my classmates and became friends with some of them. We would write our papers in the library together and get coffee after class. My UWS class prepared me for every academic writing piece I have done while aiding me in making new friends. I loved the experience so much and wish I could do it all over again.

My favorite place on campus, in Waltham or in Boston is...

The dungeon in the library! In the Brandeis library there are five floors and on the lowest floor is the dungeon! The dungeon is a floor of the library with tons of cubicles for studying. I think the dungeon is the quietest place I have ever been. It is the perfect place for being productive. I love the dungeon because I can get things done without worrying about any distractions. It is a great spot for studying and one that most students utilize on campus a;; the time because it is so easy to stay focused on school work!

My most memorable Brandeis experience?

My most memorable Brandeis experience has been orientation. The Brandeis orientation was done incredibly well. Many of my friends today I met either in my orientation group or through orientation activities. For the final day of orientation Brandeis rented out the entire Boston Science Museum until 12am. It was a great way to connect with new friends and we got to have an incredibly special opportunity to have an entire museum all to ourselves.

I chose Brandeis because...

I connected with the culture and values of the school. Brandeis is a super welcoming community that values authenticity and open minded thinking. Brandeis students and faculty have created a special community where everyone is valued and respected no matter what. I could tell Brandeis had an inclusive, loving and supportive culture when I visited during my senior year of high school which ultimately is why I chose coming here. Besides from the culture, Brandeis also has amazing academics and knowledgable faculty that are readily available to support students in their academic and professional careers. I love that Brandeis sets students up to succeed academically in and their future careers.

I'm passionate about...

Running My Dogs Early 2000s TV Shows Reading Dystopian Novels Mental Health Awareness Comics

I'm involved with...

Rock Climbing Team Equestrian Club Jewish Life on Campus Pottery Club
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